Modern vs Agriculture

A nice contrast between open and closed In Flanders, the art of living discovered a strikingly modern house in an agricultural environment. The house looks closed at the front and sleek traditional. The facade and roof are made of glazed tiles. When the shutters are closed, the facade is one.

The closed front and open 

The opening and closing  of the house form a contrast of outdoor and indoor are connected with each other. The house is built from a steel construction and is almost completely basement. The walls and ceiling are approximately 30 centimeters thick and the windows and sliding doors are equipped with triple glazing. Ventilation channels have been installed at the bottom of the walls throughout the entire home. In this way the house is continuously supplied with fresh outside air. Separation between day and night; the entrance is directly connected to the living room and the kitchen.

The large light object by artist designer Adalbelt Gans is in the living room. It has been specially designed for this place in the house and extends almost to the high ceiling. The long cupboard wall that stands between the living room and the kitchen diner, fonts the separation between day (the rear of the house) and night (the living room). On the side of the living mom, the cupboard has minors in warm, brown, fused glass.


From the inside to the outside

The large kitchen diner has a view of the lawn, meadows and passing ships in the canal through the large Panoramic windows and doors. Due to the minimal frame of the windows there is maximum contact between inside and outside. In the evening, this glass volume is given discretion by sober black blinds. The long white dining table in the kitchen can seat no fewer than twelve guests. There are four bucket seats in different colors around the table. The remaining eight seats have seats in the color of the armrests of the bucket seats. The large separate kitchen is also the bar where you can have breakfast in the morning and also a nice place to talk for a conversation while cooking.