Rangers new Globe Life Field more than halfway complete

Global Life Field Biggest of All Retractable roof to be lifted
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Retractable roofs are the symbol for motion in architecture. On Wednesday the Texas ranger announced that the project for the team future home is completed more than 65%.

The latest in the news for which the excitement is at the highest level is the first section of the retractable roof which will be lifted in last week of July.

1.1 million pounds of weight for just the first section of the three massive sections of the retractable roof is a challenge to tackle. The three sections make a total weight of 3.3 million pounds. The first section placed into the northwest portion of the site.

19,000 tons of steel is being used in the roof truss that will occupy the span of 5.5 acres. It was all started in late fall, 2018 when the Global field construction took responsibility to complete it by the end of 2019.

As of 21 June 2019, the motors for the retractable roof have arrived at the construction site. Plan for next week is to install the motors which come in 20 bogies, weighing 114,028 pounds each.

Retractable Roof for Baseball Stadium: 

More specific updates from the construction site that is going to be one of its kind stadiums soon.

Concrete Work:
60% work is completed for the lower precast setting risers which were started in April on the southwest corner of the construction site. Moreover, home dugout poured the concrete later this week.

Creating a definition for the field work the concrete construction for the dugout walls, camera wells, and blue pens started at the end of May.

Except for the service level the concrete is poured down on site is complete in all areas.

The work which was started in last July for the upper and main concourse precast concrete risers is completed.

The amount of concrete that has been poured down on the site is 115,000 cubic yards.

Internal Work:
Club and concession areas drywall task is completed whereas the work is 60% completed for the drywall in the ballpark.

Suite areas of the ballpark have the update of 80% glass installation task completed

The ongoing installation and services work for tiling at all level gets pace in concession and restrooms

External Work:
Exterior glass installation is ongoing on the east side of the building. The south side is completed for the exterior glass work

The southeast portion of the site has been graded and landscape work in that area will start later this month. Concrete foundation work started in the southeast corner for hardscape.

The inside and outside of the ballpark are being constructed with hand-laid brick and the installation work is still going on at the southeast portion.

Hand-laid brick installation for the notable brick arches on both the inside and the outside of the ballpark started last week. Brick is also being installed on the columns of the southeast and northeast entry.

Limestone and granite installation has started on the southeast and northeast entry. Limestone is being installed on the lower ten feet of the facade, with granite directly below.

Metal panels have been installed on the upper portion of the office building and on the canopy at the southwest corner of the site. Work is ongoing on the south and west portion of the site.

Installation of 100,000 square feet of precast architectural concrete was completed earlier this year.

Structural Steel:
Bowl steel was completed in mid-February, using a total of 16,000 tons of steel to construct. The final piece was installed on the upper concourse area of centerfield, the northeastern portion of the site.

The bowl steel construction started in June of 2018, taking nine months to complete.

Preliminary air conditioning function will be established later this month.

Permanent power has been established on the site.

Permanent water was established on site at the end of May. The water pumps are starting to circulate throughout the building to clean the pumps prior to establishing the air conditioning function.

Kitchen equipment is being set throughout the building.

Restroom fixtures, including toilets, and sinks, are in process of installation.

Seat anchors have been installed on the main and upper concourse level.

All aisle rails have been installed on the main concourse level.

Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical work is ongoing.

13 escalators have been installed on-site. Four of 24 total elevators are in the process of installation.

The four-story office building, located on the southeast side of the site, is 80% complete. The interior of the building has been framed, drywall installed, tile work has started, and painting has begun.

The Globe Life Field team has completed 3.16 million-man hours of work up to this point. Approximately 1,300 workers are on-site daily.

Seating capacity is approximately 40,300 for Globe Life Field, which will open in March 2020.